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MMS helps back pain

MMS helps back pain

Muscle pain, Kidney pain, lung congestion, etc. accompanies the flu.

Influenza or as we all know as flu has caused tremendous fear worldwide especially when the controversial swine flu was diagnosed from many countries around the world. Even the anti-flu vaccine has suddenly boomed out. There are many hospitals and even drugstores were run out of stocks of anti flu vaccines because of the high demand.

So what are the common symptoms of influenza?

– headache
– joints and muscle pains
– fatigue
– sore throat
– sudden high fever

Patients who suffered from flu may get tired easily even after the outbreak of the disease. This is normal as the body is still in the recovery process. Though having flu is only normal, it may be very risky for elderly and most of the time it requires hospitalization to help prevent the sudden fall of immune system.

Vaccination of anti flu is now performed yearly in many countries and administered especially on kids and people with diabetes, lung problems and heart diseases. The vaccinations are full of poisons, animal DNA, and live bacteria in animal tissue. This is not good and Religions warn against putting animal genetics, DNA, tissue in to the human blood.

But for those who cannot afford to get the vaccine, there is still a way for them to get protection against the flu virus. Good thing MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) was introduced.

This amazing supplement was made to kill bacteria, fungus, virus and many other infections that could cause great effects to our body. The most amazing ingredient of MMS can kill even the strongest pathogens in the body thus won’t harm our system at all. It will not only strengthen our immune system but it could add up more good bacteria and antibodies to help fight diseases.

Since MMS was discovered that it could help the patient to get on his feet within hours after taking it, many have already testifies and proved how effective it is. For influenza, you simply prepare a glass mix with 1 drop of MMS with 5 drops of fresh lemon juice and let it stand for a few minutes to activate the ingredients. You will be surprised to feel and see just how effective MMS is.

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